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根据福布斯最近的一项详细调查, 77% of respondents were more likely to apply for a job posting that listed “kindness” as an important value of the company.

Is kindness one of the driving values of your business? 这不是开玩笑. 这不是天上掉馅饼. 这不仅仅是感情用事的语言. It’s backed by research, as reported in two recently written articles.

以下是来自 福布斯最近的一篇文章 参考上图:

  • Kindness at work is a bigger predictor of happiness than income.
  • Feeling valued is one of the biggest contributors to workplace happiness.
  • Doing purposeful work is directly linked to levels of happiness at work.
  • 74% of respondents said it’s important to have a kind community in the workplace such as having leaders check in on their team members for professional and personal support.
  • 89% of workers see mental health and kindness as high priorities in the workplace.


Kindness sends the message that employees are valued human beings, not just worker bees. It boosts safety and belonging, which in turn, improves job engagement, satisfaction and performance. 当员工感到被关心时, 他们更善于团队合作, 他们是富有创造力的冒险者, willing to stick their necks out and stretch beyond customary bounds. 在善良的文化中, 工人往往是自我纠正的大师, 善于解决问题,专注于解决问题. What more would a company want from their employees when these qualities add up to raising the competitive edge and promoting the organization’s bottom line?

“Why Kindness at Work Pays Off,” an article in Harvard Business Review:

When anxiety is high and morale is low, kindness isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. 大规模裁员, 经济的不确定性, 地缘政治紧张局势, 现在比以往任何时候都更需要善良, 尤其是在工作中.

Research suggests that kindness yields positive outcomes for businesses. 如果你是一个新兴的领导者, being kind to your employees can help you retain top talent, 建立蓬勃发展的文化, 提高员工敬业度, 提高生产力. When people receive a compliment or words of recognition, 这会让他们更有成就感, 增强他们的自尊, 提高他们的自我评价, 并引发积极情绪. 结果是:员工更快乐、更投入.

在个人层面上, 当你做善事的时候, it boosts serotonin and dopamine — neurotransmitters in the brain that promote feelings of satisfaction and well-being. It also releases endorphins, your body’s natural painkillers.

This is something we’ve tried to instill within Barry-Wehmiller for a long time — making kindness an organizational value. 这是外围十大菠菜app价值宣言的核心, “We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.”

We hope to encourage kindness in leaders to those within their span of care, 善待队友, 善待外围十大菠菜app的客户和供应商. 首先要建立同理心.

When we have empathy, we understand, respect and value others’ perspective. 作为领导者, we can cultivate empathy in our organizations by bringing people together in a respectful dialogue to share ideas and solve problems together.

作为领导者 we should also strive to create work environments where our team members feel safe, 被爱,自在地做真实的自己.

Kindness is integral in showing people that you care. 这是外围十大菠菜app每天都有的机会. We do so by giving people the chance to be who they were intended to be — allowing them to discover, 开发, share and be appreciated for their gifts so that they go home knowing that who they are and what they do matter. In this way, our actions daily affirm and demonstrate that everybody matters.

When we show kindness — and therefore care — it becomes contagious.

And it goes beyond the responsibilities of leaders. It is the responsibility of everyone in an organization.

One of my revelations in my journey of Truly Human 领导 is that everyone is someone’s precious child. 如果外围十大菠菜app真的相信, 表现出关心, kindness and compassion for our fellow team members should be as natural as the care we show to our families.

Empathy, respecting and valuing others’ perspective, naturally leads to kindness. A work environment rooted in kindness strengthens the foundation of any business and, 最重要的是, 影响健康, well-being and overall quality of life of its team members.

And the most fundamental way to show someone you care about them, 这是验证他们价值的最基本的方法, 还是用同理心倾听. Imagine the impact if this were the default behavior in our communities around the world!

外围十大菠菜app表现出善意时, 当外围十大菠菜app移情行动时, 当外围十大菠菜app向人们展示他们的重要性时, 外围十大菠菜app可以恢复, honor and protect the sense of dignity that is a basic human need. 这是一份多么好的工作, positive work environments and business itself can work toward ending the poverty of dignity that exists in the world.

It’s almost ridiculous that we even have to talk about kindness in business, it should be an understood principle in every aspect of our lives. 但 when we look at the world today, we see an astounding lack of kindness in people. Not just in the darkness of social media, but in the simplest interpersonal interactions.

在商业, we started to lose our sense of kindness when we started depersonalizing the people within and started looking at them as simply numbers. 当他们不再是某人的宝贝孩子, it became easy to extract kindness from the equation.

So, let this blog post be a reminder to constantly reexamine our behavior. It costs nothing to emphasize kindness in your business. 但, 研究表明, 当善良不是一种组织行为时, 成本可能非常高. To your business, to the lives of the people touched by your business.

正如达赖喇嘛所说:“只要有可能,就要善良. 凡事皆有可能.”


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